Eat Regularly (Don’t Skip Meals)

Often when we get worried about our increasing weight and feel like this the fault of what we eat. We start hating our meals and start to starve ourselves. Due to the pop trend following us often misunderstand the concept of weight loss pills and assume that in order to lose weight we have to skip meals. We can’t have regular three course meals! We fail to see the consequences of these decisions. The harm that we do to our body by skipping meals sometimes becomes irreversible.

Sometimes it is not intentionally that we skip our meals. Its 9 in the morning. We are getting late from the office so we skip the breakfast and think that we can grab and eat sometime perhaps with the tea in afternoon before the lunch. We go to office and get indulge in bundles of file and forgot to eat something with our coffee or tea. During lunch hour we are preparing our important presentation and that’s how we pay less attention to our food and eat less.

In this article we will try to understand how without skipping meals you can achieve a healthy life style and how Raspberry Ketone Plus helps you in this process.

Skip meals and increased Risk of Insulin Resistance

When we are sleeping all night our bodies are starving when we get up. Due to some reason if we skip our breakfast it will put strain on our system which leads to insulin resistance. So they key is never to skip your breakfast to avoid increased risk of diabetes type.  Our bodies need to maintain regular healthy cholesterol, lipids, insulin levels and blood pressure when we skip meals our blood pressure, blood cholesterol levels drop causing insulin resistance in body. To avoid that situation what we can do is we can eat our regular healthy breakfast and we can use Phen375 to avoid accumulation of fats.

Skip Your Meals and Eat more Junk

When you skip a regular healthy meal it is more likely that later in day you will make up for that meal with a Junk food such as a bag of chips, a packet of French fries from MacDonald or donuts. A research study from Cornell University concluded that people who skip meals more often tend to grab 31% more junk food items from the grocery stores as compared to people who do not skip meals.

You might lose weight – But for a short time

Skipping meals would only help you in short term. When we skip meals more are the chances that due to starvation along with the fat the muscle fat which is necessary to keep you strong and healthy would also dissolve. Apparently you will lose weight in short term but eventually you will gain back your belly fat. The weight that you will lose may not come from fats but from muscle mass.

Skipping Meals causes Chronic Inflammations

Starving your body for long duration causes chronic inflammations as it triggers the working of damage repairing adaptation for your cells. Chronic inflammations may lead to severe problems such as arthritis and heart disease. That’s why it is often recommended that to eat at regular intervals. You can reduce the size of the portion you will eat but instead of starving for 6-7 hours eat something after at least 3 hours.

Loss of Nutrients

Skipping meals is also called intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting is good for short term. If you skip meals without taking care of the duration and your nutrient intake it may cause loss of nutrients.  You may start losing calcium from your bones, irons, vitamins, proteins, essential amino acids from your body which may weaken your body and immune system. These nutrient deficiencies may affect your cognitive functions as decision making ability, your mood, may induce fatigue, health problems. Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss

You Might Skip Exercise too

You are skipping meals to keep you away from laziness and following a healthy active life style but what happens here is that your body system starts running low on nutrients. You have skipped meal and here is your exercise reminder. You would not be able to pay attention to that. Skipping meals often induce headaches, low blood sugar level and other side effects.  Let’s say that even you drag yourself to gym and try to do exercise with that fatigue and headache it will make you feel terrible in the middle of the session.

What we can do is along with the healthy diet at regular intervals we can use Phen375 which will leave our body fat free but would not drain the amount of nutrients and energy from it. At the end eat regularly and eat healthy diet, skipping meals is never a solution for weight loss.

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