Shape up small breast to bigger breast

Breast size has always been an interesting topic for women. Not everyone is blessed enough to have the perfect set of breasts. You want your breasts to be perky, uplifted and in the right shape but then every milestone of your life is displayed on your chest. Whether it’s a recent pregnancy, breast feeding or simple ageing your breasts will be able to tell it all.

Do you find yourself depressed because of your small and saggy breasts? Are you too scared to undergo surgery? Do you find implants to be fake and too expensive? Well even with all these apprehensions you can still manage to get a better cup size through proper therapy. Brestrogen Breast Enhancement

Let’s start with breast augmentation steps you can take at home. First up we have breast massage. You may have heard how a massage is able to improve the circulation in the area. It works for your breasts too. You simply have to regularly massage your breasts in a prescribed manner so that the increased blood circulation helps the breast tissue to develop.

You can get simple massage oil from any medical store. Warm it up slightly. Be careful not to over heat the oil as you may burn yourself.  Be regular with your massage routine and massage the breasts twice a day. If you find direct oil application to be messy simply apply and massage the oil on to your palm. Rub your palms for a minute or so causing the friction to heat up your palms. You are then supposed to circularly motion massage for at least fifteen to twenty minutes. If you follow this routine for about three to four months you will see a difference in your breast size.

Another method to increase your breast size is through a food item. Recent research has shown that massage of red lentils on your breast can also help the size to increase. All you have to do is soak he red lentils in warm water at least for about two hour before you make use of them. Once they have been soaked you are to grind them in a blender to acquire a paste. This paste is to be applied on to the breasts and is to be left for at least half an hour or till you find the paste to have dried completely.

This method is pretty cheap and you don’t even have to massage the mixture. It is to be left on the breast area. You can remove the paste after half an hour and you are good to go.

Another food item which is helpful in breast augmentation is onion juice. Although onion juice may sound repulsive it has great benefits. You are to mix onion juice with honey and turmeric. This mixture is to be then massaged on to your breasts. Now this whole process can be a bit cumbersome for you as you have to leave on the mixture overnight but the results are absolutely amazing.

You will certainly have to bear the smell of the onion but as the saying beauty hurts well in this case your nose will have to bear some pain.

If you find your breast size requires more than simple home remedies. You may go for a hormone breast augmentation program. Total Curve happens to be a great breast augmentation program. This program ensures that you get your curves back naturally.

The whole program consists of three parts. In the first part you have to consume a daily supplement. This supplement has been devised with natural ingredients which totally support your breast augmentation quest. It contains a vital ingredient physoestrogen which is an exact replica of the female hormone estrogen. The supplement is also full of other anti oxidants which help you out in your overall health.

In the second part of Total curve you are required to apply a lifting gel. This program makes sure that you get results so it tackles the problem both externally and internally.  The lifting gel contains a secret ingredient which has been developed by researchers and the product has gone through much development and human testing. The gel is to be applied daily and the secret ingredient will increase your cup size in a matter of 60 days only.

In the third part of the program you are required to undergo an exercise program. The exercise program has been outlined in the given guide. This exercise will not increase your cup size but it will significantly help your breast to be more full and firm.

Breast augmentation is not so difficult. You can obtain the desired results by following a routine of natural homemade remedies and a hormone treatment so that the procedure is rigorous enough to substantiate the perfect results.