4 Meal Plans for Diets

Dieting requires you to follow a specific plan. Your aim should be o consume a certain amount of calories so that a calorie deficit is built to encourage weight loss. Now you must be wondering how this diet plan to be established is.

Well below are four Meal Plans you can make use of in your diet. Before you go on to make a note that all of these diets allow you and encourage you to consume fruits. Garcinia Cambogia is a tropical fruit which aids significantly in weight loss. Do ensure that you use Garcinia Cambogia in all of the meal plans listed below.

The Low Carbohydrate-Real Food Diet

This is diet aimed to restrict or rather eliminate carbohydrates from your diet as much as possible. In this diet all carbohydrate enriched foods such as sugars, pasta and bread will be cut off from your food list. Instead you will be encouraged to consume protein, fat and green leafy vegetables.

Carboydrates are deemed unhealthy for your body as they are easily digested. This means you consume a high amount of calories and since it is broken down so easily your hunger urges you to eat more and the calorie metre just keeps running. In addition when carbohydrates are broken don insulin levels increase instantly. Insulin is a fat storage hormone. If the insulin level is never lowered the body will not be able to hit the fat reserves. Carbohydrates have to be avoided at all costs so that the insulin levels can be lowered.

You will be able to find many low-carb diet plans. The basic idea in these plans is to eat food such as

  • Meat
  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Fats

Foods which are to be avoided in a low carb diet

Sugar-Soft drinks contain a high amount of sugar so they are certainly a no. You will have to give up on candy, chocolate and ice cream

Gluten Grains-these include wheat, pastas and bread

Tran’s fats

Artificial sweeteners-You may use Stevia instead

Highly Processed Foods

Mediterranean Diet

This diet has been derived from the food which the people of Italy and Greece consumed traditionally back in the year 1960. The health researchers observed that people of this era were healthy as compared to Americans today and also happened to have a low risk of many fatal diseases.

The Mediterranean diet can help lose weight and can prevent major diseases such as heart attack, type 2 diabetes and premature death.

The Meal Plan

Now there is no right way to follow this diet. There are many countries in the Mediterranean and they all don’t happen to eat the same food. The basic idea is to eat food such as vegetables, fruit, legumes, whole grains, breads, sea food and extra virgin oil.

You will have to say goodbye to red meat. You may consume poultry products in moderation. However all high sugar containing products are banned in this diet especially sugar sweetened beverages. Tran’s fats and refined oils are also not allowed in this diet

You will notice that the diet prescribed is high in plant foods and relatively low on animal foods. However certain sea food has been allowed in fact it is recommended to be consumed at least twice a week.

Paleo Diet

This diet is actually an emulation of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. The food included in this diet is in its unprocessed natural form. You can imagine our ancestors to be highly healthy and modern individuals who thrived on unprocessed food which did not causes diseases such as obesity and heart disease.

There is no right way to eat this diet. Some go for the low-carb diet which is high in animal food while others may opt for the high-carb diet including lots of plants. You can however make changes in the plan as per your preference. 2017’s Best Weight Loss Pills for Women

You must avoid dairy, highly processed foods and Grains. The simple guideline in this diet is that of the food looks like it was made in the factory then you are definitely not to consume it.

Gluten-free diet

Gluten free happens to be the rage these days. It is a well known fact that several health conditions improve significantly in a gluten free diet. It is very fortunate that we have many gluten free products which are absolutely natural. This diet works great for gluten intolerant people.

For those of you who are not aware of gluten this is the name of a family of proteins. It is present in grains such as barley, wheat, spelt and rye. It has two gluten proteins named as gliadin and glutenin. It is the gliadin part which is known to be harmful to health. Gluten is the substance which gives bread its elasciticity and helps the dough rise during the process of bread making.